What's Eat Mo's?

How We Got Our Name
In 1999, company founder Nicole Moore changed careers, from union organizer, to 5th grade teacher. With it came a new title: Nicole became the ominous and heavy sounding, "Ms. Moore" to hundreds of elementary and middle school students. When students affectionately began calling her "Mizz Mo'," the name stuck.

Mizz Mo' also had a reputation for banning soda and hot chips from her classroom, and bringing her students strange, but tasty vegetarian food to replace those items. The most requested items were veggie sloppy joes, apple crisp, tofu spaghetti, and fresh squeezed lemonade. As a result, Miz Mo's classroom became Eat Mo's Cafe.

In honor of those students, when Nicole founded the production company in 2001, she named it, affectionately, Eat Mo's Productions. Your recipe suggestions are welcome.

What We Do
With founder Miz Mo's direction, Eat Mo's has become a collaboration of highly professional creative people who envision giving voice to the untold, dramatic stories of regular people on the big screen. In addition to bringing these stories from the idea stage to big screen premeires, Eat Mo's specializes in developing grassroots support for projects that might otherwise never reach post-production. Eat Mo's has successfully fund-raised to finish projects using alternative fund-raising, including house-parties, web-based sales & publicity, as well as raising larger donations from non-entertainment sources.

While we develop many of our own projects, we are always interested in hearing from people who have similar visions and stories to tell. Feel free to write us about your own ideas, and we'd be happy to see if we can collaborate. Or just share some great stories!

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