Digikids & Teens

FSS Tech visionary Karen Wade hired me to teach technology to kids two summers in a row. These are the web pages and streaming videos the kids produced over two years. This great program has four different 4-week programs each summer. These two years the programs was located in Los Angeles at the Tom Bradley Youth & Family Center.

Technology Coaching for Oakland District Teachers

From my 2 year gig with coaching Oakland district elementary teachers on technology use, this page still has some use for my favorite teacher links, some bits of curriculum and the like. The richest content is in the AB1339 part of the site.

Kayne Eras Kid Pages

Due to a few technology issues that persisted this year in my classroom, this website never really came to fruition, but the my 4th through 6th grade kids made a big effort to edit their digital photos and put together some kind of web page for the year 2002-2003 at Kayne Eras. There may be more efforts in 2003-04, but not yet!

Bug Scopes!

This is my absolute favorite science project ever! I was able to do this with a group of kids from Patterson Elementary in Vallejo, California, because I was given a generous grant to purchase materials. This website was my first experience with Dreamweaver, too.

Colonial WWWilliamsburg

This professional development trip to Virginia's recreation of the colonial city turned into a website when we 24 teachers returned to Oakland with about 24,000 photos. This website is widely used by educators as a teaching tool.

Ancestors & the Marin Headlands @ Sobrante Park Elementary, Oakland

This site was my first attempt at building web pages in my very first year and a half of teaching. What a trip! I still use the ancestor page as a way to plug kids into similar writing projects I do now, and the Marin Headlands Field trip page is used by a bunch of people in preparing their kids for field trips there. The kids' writing in the Ancestors page is really moving, so if you are interested, you should check it out.


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