Key Personnel

Nicole Moore: Producer [link]

Moore discovered the power of film early in her organizing career with the GE Boycott. Moore worked as an organizational liason with filmmaker Debra Chasnoff, whom her organization had commissioned to make a short documentary about GE's nuclear weapons production. The resulting movie, Deadly Deception, earned Chasnoff an Academy Award, and was responsible, in part, for the worldwide outcry that forced General Electric out of nuclear weapons production.

As an organizer & educator, Moore sought ways to tell stories of her students and activists to broader audiences, first teaching webpage and video production to her students, and later developing websites for a variety of independent artists and organizations.

When Director Lorna Green asked Moore to produce her documentary, Bloodletting: Life, Death, Healthcare, Moore couldn't resist: the story, about the uninsured in the United States, was personal and powerful, and a story that Moore had heard many times working with the uninsured as a labor organizer. Thus was born the production company.

Moore specializes in publicity, web design, fund-raising, as well as pre- and post-production.

Lorna Green: Writer-Director [link]

Green is best known for her award-winning direction on narrative shorts and her feature documentary, Bloodletting:Life, Death, Healthcare. However, Lorna is also an award-winning dramatic feature writer and script doctor, whose rich development of characters and realistic dialogue has given life to numerous projects. Currently, Lorna is working with Nicole on a narrative feature, Just 2 Get By. [link]

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