Mr. McDermott's
4th/5th Grade Class
       This year, with the help of the Marin Headlands Institute, generous friends, Mr. Franco, and Ms. Moore, our class was able to participate in an overnight fieldtrip to the Marin Headlands, just North of the Golden Gate Bridge.  We learned about the ocean, pond critters, military history, astronomy and in general, just had a great time in a very beautiful place. 

       On this website, you can find pictures of some of the things we did to prepare for the trip, and the activities we did while we were there.

Click on the underlined links below to see all of the photos.

  • PRE-TRIP ACTIVITIES -- The Headlands Teachers come to Sobrante Park to meet us and help prepare us for our trip.

  • THE TRIP -- We were students from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., and we still wish we could have stayed longer!

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Our whole class -- exhausted, but satisfied!
Our wonderful Headlands Instructors -- Thank you!
Special thanks to these generous parents who gave so much of themselves to help keep us safe and having fun!

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